MRG School

School Calendar

1'st April: "Utkal Diwas Orientation for class III"

2'nd April: World Autism Awareness Day

4'th April: Session 2022 - 2023 Begins Welcome Craft Activity

7'th April: हिंदी गतिविधि ' कैसे - कैसे बादल । (IV)

8'th April: Anatomy of humans (III)
Number Ring Activity (kg)

10'th April: "World Health Day Ram Navmi"

11'th April: National Safe Motherhood Day Alphabet Soup(kg)

13'th April: "Baisakhi Celebration (Nur - II)
The noun tree (III)

14'th April: "Baisakhi Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanti Mahavir Jayanti"

15'th April: Good Friday

18'th April: "World Heritage Day English week starts (-XII) Mat Man Activity (Nur)"

19'th April: All about me (kg) हिंदी गतिविधि उड़ते मँडराते । (III) ENGLISH activity Sort The Nouns (IV)

20'th April: "PT I Starts (III - VIII), All about nouns ( II), Lets get focused (X), Guess My Name (Nur), Pair my Companion (I), Science Activity’ Food web ‘(IV)"

21'st April: Maths activity ‘ Number cards’ (IV)

22'nd April: "Special Assembly (XII), Earth Day Celebration, Earth chime (II), Inter-House Competition, My Blue World(III - V), Guardian of Earth(VI-VII)], Oil and Water Experiment(kg)"

23'th April: William Shakespear's Birthday

24'th April: "National Panchayatiraj Day, Inter-House Competition, [Aqua Safari(I -II)]"

25'th April: World Malaria Day, Hat trick(III), Fun with Shapes (Kg), Walk on the pattern (Nur)

27'th April: PT I (III - VIII), Experiment: Soap And Pepper (Nur)

28'th April: PT I Starts (IX, X, XII)

29'th April: Hindi dictation (II), Beat the Heat Activity(Kg), Red Colour Day (Nur), Inter-House Competition, Aqua Safari(I -II)

30'th April: Ayushman Bharat Diwas