MRG School

Our Principal

Ms. Priyanka Barara

We at MRG School believe that Education is a preparation for life. In our Commitment to develop citizens who are aware, sensitive , open minded and creative a holistic approach has been adopted Co-creating a habitat of Learning for the New Age Learner is the most engaging, enriching and empowering engagement a community undertakes. We are privileged to invite you as partners in this endeavor. These are special times. a New India emerges, an India that is witnessing Innovations. It is in response to this need to provide a nourishing and nurturing environment to the inheritors, partakers and caretakers of this new India that the MRG School reach out.

Our school programs are designed keeping in mind that Intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge ,but its application in analytic ,creative and expressive ways that make learning meaningful to a student. Our tradition teaches compassion; our philosophy preaches compassion and our constitution practices compassion we are committed never to dilute it. For us, every child is a soul in evolution, a psychic being born on earth to grow through experiences and fulfill a deeper sense of purpose. Our task then as teachers is to relate to this spark- the child- with love, and to serve it.For we believe, nothing can be taught, all knowledge exists within us, it only needs to be uncovered.

With this as an invocation and a commitment, we, caretakers, facilitators, and, essentially all of us co- learners, welcome you to this mindful laboratory of learning- MRG School to make a difference to the world we live in , now and beyond.