MRG School

Core Values

The values of MRG School are inspired by Lalaji’s life and contributions to the society:

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Developing the value of courage in children by creating opportunities to explore novel ideas .Ensuring to develop the ability to express confidently .Adopting an ethos where children are encouraged to take ownership draw up their success plan. A culture that reminds them that Courage is about consciously directing our lives in a way that is true to ourselves.

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Nurturing Empathy in children through positive teacher student relationships that help students mirror optimistic and confident learning behaviours . Helping them develop metacognitive awareness with the ability to understand and share thoughts of peers around them. The school ethos models kind behaviour as we believe children will not always do as we say, but they will always do as we do.

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A committed and motivated staff ensures that our children receive individualised attention .Ample opportunities are created in our Annual Plan for our students to continuously strive towards excellence.A healthy peer competition encourages them to learn from each other and strive to make their better best.

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Emphasising integrity through a moral and value driven education helps students develop academic honesty .Our school through this value inspires them to believe in themselves.A transparent culture of communication among teachers students and parents brings about a three way handshake .Creating an ecosystem that makes children feel empowered and happy .Encouraging our learners to act on principle and to take others interests into account.