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MRG School is set up in collaboration with Shri Educare Limited which is modelled on the pattern of The Shri Ram Schools. The Shri Ram Schools are known for their child-centric, innovative methods of imparting value-based education. Drawing strength from the repertoire of experience and expertise of The Shri Ram Schools in the field of education, MRG School will incorporate global best practices in education. This collaboration has been set up taking in view our school’s goal of providing child-centric education and offering learning that is both interactive and experiential. It is vital that Teaching Methodology in our school remains a diverse mix of the most recent innovations and latest advancements in education as well as some long established and successful teaching techniques.

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Shri Mange Ram Goel

Born on 25th June 1927, Shri Mange Ram Goel was the first child of Pyare Lal and Ram Kali Devi. The family owned a commodity business in Ghadi Navada (Present- Ghaziabad).

Shri Mange Ram spent most of his early years in the village. He worked for the Kirana Businesses, the Brick Kiln and also provided service at his Mama's place for most of his life. His work ethic is admired to this day not only by his loved ones but even by those who have only heard of him. He was very recognisable in his society. Being a man of principles, Lalaji encouraged doing business on fair terms. Smt. Krishna Devi, his wife, stood by him in his noble vision of creating social change through active groundwork.

Be the source of Knowledge.

Shri Mange Ram's vision revolved primarily around education. He held the view that education was the most critical factor for development. From caste-based discrimination and patriarchy to extreme poverty, education was the cure for all social illnesses. Born in a society blinded with illiteracy, Lalaji was one of the few people to qualify for intermediate.

An active member of the Panchayat, he worked to promote education for women in his village. Lalaji practised what he preached. Two of his daughters were among the very few women who were graduates in his village. Two other daughters qualified intermediate; an unimaginable feat for common village women at that time.

Lalaji Mange Ram's vision didn't end there; he worked for the establishment of a Dharamshala (Kanya Pathshala) at a time when there were no Co-Ed schools in the village. Quite naturally, at the time promoting education for women meant going against societal norms. However, this man with an iron heart had no intentions of giving up.

Shri Mange Ram, a man gifted with faith and sound intellect, was ahead of his time. Along with stress upon the importance of education, he was an ardent believer in teaching traditional and cultural values to impressionable minds. He realised that the true essence of education meant the overall development of one's character and beliefs.

To this day, MRG group has stressed upon creating social change through contributing towards education and raising awareness. Influenced by his father's noble ideas, Mr Devender Kumar, Lalaji's son is a trustee in several schools including Ekal Vidyalaya.

Lala Mange Ram's life is one of vision, unwavering faith, hard work and perseverance. He worked towards educating society, bring about social change but still held on traditional values and ethics and that is what made him a great man.


To foster an enriching environment that facilitates and inculcates sound values leading to the all-round development of all children.


The Mission of MRG School is to:

  • To provide children with an environment that enables them to develop technological skills and individual talents.
  • To encourage children to strive for excellence and develop independent, creative and critical thinking.
  • To cultivate an authentic and resilient sense of self, grounded in respect and integrity.
  • To respect indigenous tradition and culture and create a diverse and inclusive community.
  • To foster a positive sense of themselves and others and stimulate healthy and effective relationships.


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Building on the legacy of
The Shri Ram Schools

Identified among the top two schools in the country based on academic performance at the Indian School Certificate Examination. The school is consistently ranked as not only one of the top schools in India but also amongst the top schools of Indian background, including embassy schools in other countries and ISC schools across the globe.

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In academic collaboration with
Shri Educare Limited

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) was set up by The Arun Bharat Ram family in the year 2008. SEL has been formed out of the promoter’s commitment to expand its reach of providing quality education. It is essentially engaged in providing advisory/consultancy services for starting a school (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad, providing ERP solutions to schools, undertaking education consultancy and coaching students to prepare them for CBSE and AIEEE examinations.

Recognised and Affiliated To

Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19-year-olds. MRG school is now the 11th school in Delhi that imparts Cambridge Assessment International Education. Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. CAIE is a part of the University of Cambridge. This international qualification is recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career.

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The school is recognised and affiliated to CBSE (Affiliation number -2730773 ) CBSE has 21271 schools in India and 228 schools in 25 foreign countries. The largest supporter of National curriculum in the country helps the school to define appropriate approaches of academic activities to provide stress free, child centered and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality.

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British Council International Dimension
In School

The school was awarded the prestigious International Dimension in School Award by British Council in 2019.

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Bridge Programme

Bridge is a school partnership program that builds educator's capability to develop deeper learning experiences for students and school communities across the Asia - Pacific region.

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MRG School is happy to announce that we are now an active member of The National Progressive Schools' Conference (N.P.S.C.)

Significance of our logo

The logo of our school is symbolic of everything that is affirmative and inspiring. It has been thoughtfully created by bringing together various unique symbolic elements and placing them next to each other meticulously. It represents not only the pious act of passing on of the school’s legacy but is also indicative of how a lot can be learnt, replicated and further used productively from this legacy. When observed closely the logo presents four very distinct yet interconnected visuals.

Advancement / Progress The child sprinting towards the right side of the logo represents the only constant element of our lives i.e. consistent movement leading to continuous change. It indicates how we, as school, have incessantly chased growth and aim to victoriously hop over the stumbling blocks coming our way.

Energy The circular disc signifies the eternal source of energy, the Sun. It represents infinite power, life and illumination for all mankind.

GenerosityIt is aptly said ‘No one ever becomes poor by giving.’ The hand gesture signalling the act of giving depicts the benevolence of passing on knowledge of cultural values from one generation to the other.

RenewalThe leaf is symbolic of renewal and revival. The newness of thoughts is the ultimate aim of a progressive society. We wish to create a community that is constantly bettering itself as it strives to form a distinctive identity for itself while remaining connected to its roots.

‘Sadhya-Siddhi’: An artwork that represents MRG School

“Art teaches nothing, but the foundation of life” - Henry Miller

Everyday our life is filled with Art and its beauty. It is the representation of who we are. This painting aptly titled ‘Sadhya-Siddhi’ by Zeenia Madan Gupta is just that, a representation of what our school is and how we hope for it to be. ‘Sadhya-Siddhi’ is a Sansrkit phrase with ‘sadhya’ meaning what is to be achieved and ‘siddhi’ meaning what has already been accomplished.

In this artwork we see that Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. The half clock that takes centre stage in this painting represents the half of a day that a student spends in the school, learning something new at every hour as can be seen by the subjects that stand in place of numbers. Math, music, sports, science, art, writing, languages, the world, are all given a place here, equally vital to a student’s knowledge. The heart of the clock is our MRG logo, our heart and who we are. The water is the base, our foundation, with our students surrounding it while standing in the garden. It is inspired by a forest conservation movement in India for saving trees; It takes a lot of blue to stay green - an important lesson we want to impart to our students. The leaves show that we are aware of our ecological responsibility which is to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

School plays a fundamental role in the advancement and growth of a child, playing a defining part in their character and who they become as people and this can be seen as the child in the cradle that is painted at the bottom of the clock with a ladder going up just beside them. School is the ladder that will propel them forward in their journey. This ladder goes all the way up to the stars and the sky because we believe that all of our children have the potential to one day reach unprecedented heights. We want our students to be role models and examples that others can look up; that their parents can be proud of and emblematise our institute as Number One in values and integrity.

The top of our painting is adorned with the Indian National Flag so that we can imbibe in our children our Indian heritage and roots. We want them to grow up as proud Indian citizens that not only make us and their parents but also their country proud.

We are very proud to share that a part of the proceedings of this painting is being donated by the artist to Vidya School in Gurgaon that works towards providing an education to underprivileged children.

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